Andrey Chulovskiy

Andrey Chulovskiy was born in 1953 in Russia. He graduated from the St.Petersburg conservatoire (piano department, class of Prof. N.Perelman and Prof. B.Lysenko) and then from the Riga conservatoire (organ department, class of prof. P.Sipolnieks and prof. L.Bulava), where he played his debut recital on the great Walcker organ of the Riga Dom Cathedral. In 1987-90 he went over the postgraduate course at the Moscow P.Tchaikovsky conservatoire (in Russia this course = Kandidate Nauk academic level, which gives access into academic staff of the conservatoire), including the course of continuo at the International Stuttgart Bach Academy, which was based at the Moscow conservatoire in 1988/89. Organ professor of the Moscow conservatoire Leonid Royzman writes in 1988: 'Andrey Chulovskiy is excellent organist; he has a large experience of giving recitals and an extensive repertoire'.

That time Andrey Chulovskiy played a lot of concerts on famous A.Cavaille-Coll organ (which was inaugurated by Charles Marie Widor) at the Grand Hall of the Moscow conservatoire as a soloist and in ensemble with leading orchestras, singers and instrumentalists (including The State Russian Symphony orchestra, Symphony orchestra of the Moscow philharmonic, soloists of Bolshoj theatre and Moscow philharmonic, professors of the conservatoire). In 1988 the Ministry of Culture of the USSR awarded him top level category for his skill of playing in ensemble.

In 1991 he was elected on the position of senior lecturer of the piano & organ department of the Novosibirsk M.Glinka State conservatoire and in 1992 on the position 'Docent'. In 1995 he was awarded by the academic title 'Docent' (Associate Professor), given by the State Committee of Higher Education, Moscow. He was also elected on the position of Chairman of the Siberian Organ Art Centre in 1993; in 1998 he signed a contract with the new independent Organ Art Center in Novosibirsk who invited him on the position of artistic director and full professor of organ.

In 1999 he decided to go outside of his academic career: he registered his own Centre of composition. From that moment he started a new line of his artistic activity: he travelled a lot in many countries as a recital organist and pianist (including England, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, South Korea, The Ukraine), he gave a lot of recitals performing both his own compositions and traditional classic repertoire. His recitals took place on famous venues and organs (like J.G.Silbermann, A.Cavaille-Coll, F.K.Schnitger, F.Ladegast, Flentrop organs; in the churches which was connected with the activity of J.S.Bach, J.Pachelbel, M.Reger, Sweelink including Herderkirche Weimar and Divi Blasii Muhlhausen; as well as in the big concert halls like the Grand Halls of St Petersburg philharmonic and St Petersburg Academic Capella etc.). Critics wrote: 'The Sunday organ recital on Johann Gottfried Silbermann organ at Schlosscapella was the culmination of the Trinity Celebration. Professor Chulovskiy made a great impression by his art of organ playing.'(Thuringer Allgemeinde); '... Performing famous Toccata and Fugue by Bach, Chulovskiy used the full tone, but sensitively, appealing to his audience. Playing rhapsodic passages he keeps the discipline of sounds and performs this piece not academically, but in a Bach manner (Dr Uta Ziegner, Thuringer Allgemeine, Germany); '... That was a brilliant and very accessible public performance' (R. Arbouw, The Netherlands); '... Chulovskiy's piece 'Voices of birds' is equal to the works, which was written under the skilful pen of Friedrich Schiller; this music sounded as if a group of feathery singers have gathered on the Rutli meadow... Not Wagner's mysticism but Chulovskiy's romanticism rather reflects the character of the legend 'Flying Dutchman' and the melody of the sea ... Undoubtedly, Andrey Chulovskiy is a talented composer.' (Margit Dressel, Meininger Tageblatt, Germany); '... Music by Andrey Chulovskiy is like a picture gallery' (Evening Novosibirsk, Russia).

Andrey was a participant of many top level international organ and music festivals: 'Moscow Stars', All-European Fest of Music, Russian-German music fests, St Petersburg 'Palmyra of the North', International organ festivals in Toledo (Spain), Sorrento (Italy) etc.

He recorded a few CDs. The first Russian organ CD introduced Chulovskiy's organ transcription of Polyphonic Notebook composed originally by R.Shchedrin for piano (recorded by "Melody", Moscow on Alexander Schuke organ at the Moscow P.Tchaikovsky conservatoire; then reissued 3 times; 3d edition: Sikorski, Hamburg worldwide distribution). He is author and participant of some radio and TV programs, which was based on his published articles about organ art and his TV/radio sound recordings.

In 2006 A.Chulovskiy immigrated to The UK. He published the collection of his piano works (printed at the Birmingham University, available in the British library, in the State Library of Wales, Aberystwyth; as well as in Amazon UK). He is a member of British Academy of composers and songwriters, the principal organist of St Mary church in Welshpool and organist of St Michael & All Angels church in Kerry/Newtown. Some of his former pupils work now successfully in Russia (including 2 docents), Germany, Sweden, Norway, Columbia, South Korea.

Compiled by Olga Pomeranskaya-Chulovskaya, organist, musicologist, musical editor

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